Rising Stress? Try Acupuncture

The most rising epidemic in the world today is the least treated. I’m talking about stress - it is becoming less and less avoidable. Make no mistake about it. Stress is a killer. Thankfully, there is a treatment and it doesn’t require pills or invasive surgery. That treatment is acupuncture.

Before understanding acupuncture, we must first understand stress. When the body suffers through any form of stress, it shuts down parts that aren’t immediately required for survival. However, there are two different types of stress the body endures: acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress is healthy. It’s a rush of adrenaline designed for fight or flight responses. But chronic stress is unhealthy. Whether it’s feeling stuck in the grind of work or the latest awful headline on social media, chronic stress fills the body with degenerative hormones, making the person sick with nothing to counter the effects. Millions of Americans are literally sick from stress and have no idea why.

That’s where we can help…

Thankfully, we have the perfect strategy to combat chronic stress, and that is acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture is all about stimulating the points of the body that release serotonin and endorphins, providing relief from stress in a holistic manner. These hormones are naturally occurring in the body and don’t just increase levels of euphoria. They also serve to regulate body functions. Because a happy body is a healthy body, and we are more and more in danger of losing sight of that with every passing year.

How fitting is it that it takes our most ancient treatment to counter our newest illness? And the best part is there’s nothing to take or give up. Acupuncture is simply about finding the balance in your life and making it work for you. So, stop pretending that nothing is wrong. Life is too short when you’re healthy. Acupuncture wellness is here to help.

Source Link: https://www.aquariuswellness.com/2017/06/09/acupuncture-for-chronic-stress